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Selected Works


Tim Tan is a multi-platinum record producer and songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia.

From childhood memories of sifting through his parent’s cassette collection, to songwriting inquiries led by Taylor Swift’s “Fearless”, to fronting emo-punk bands in high school and developing an addiction to soulful chords over his late teens; Tim's musical DNA is clearly forged by what most would consider a mismatch of influences.

Tim has since been creating genre-fluid hits for the increasingly diverse palette of K-Pop.

His works have stacked up thirteen #1 entires on the Billboard US charts, countless multi-platinum records in both South Korea & Japan and over 15 million physicals sales worldwide.


With credits that include ITZY (Cheshire), SEVENTEEN (HOT & Rock With You),

Red Velvet (On a Ride), aespa (ICONIC), , ENHYPEN (Blessed - Cursed & Tamed - Dashed) & NiziU (Take a picture & Sweet Bomb!), Tim continues to finesse and bring infectious hooks to music lovers across the globe.

Full Discography

2019 - Jaguar Jonze "Beijing Baby" [Songwriter]

2019 - VICTON "New World" [Producer/Songwriter]

2020 - VICTON "Nightmare" [Producer/Songwriter]

2020 - NiziU "Sweet Bomb!" [Songwriter]

2021 - NiziU "Take a Picture" [Songwriter]

2021 - KEEKS "Do Me a Favour" [Producer/Songwriter]

2021 - aespa "ICONIC" [Producer/Songwriter]

2021 - ENHYPEN "Tamed-Dashed" [Songwriter]

2021 - SEVENTEEN "Rock With You" [Songwriter]

2022 - CLASS:y "UP" [Songwriter]

2022 - ENHYPEN "Blessed-Cursed" [Songwriter]

2022 - woo!ah! "Switch Up" [Songwriter]

2022 - SEVENTEEN "HOT" [Songwriter]

2022 - Jaguar Jonze "PUNCHLINE" [Co-Producer]

2022 - Jaguar Jonze "Not Yours" [Songwriter]

2022 - KEEKS "Tongue" [Producer/Songwriter]

2022 - outfit"i don't mind if we don't speak" [Producer/Songwriter]

2022 - Matilda Pearl "Nice To Know Ya" [Producer/Songwriter]

2022 - ITZY "Cheshire" [Producer/Songwriter]

2022 - Red Velvet "On A Ride" [Producer/Songwriter]

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